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Thread: Help on LD2000 Tracing

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    Default Help on LD2000 Tracing

    Hi Seniors, I need some really good advice on some one who has been using the LD 2000 Pangolin Intro.

    the problems that face are as below and need your sincere help on this.

    1) When i load a frame to the LD 2000 and load the show and add another frame to the same. my laser starts to blink a lot.
    2) Where can i get a repository for some good animations or ILDA files specially on Birthdays or weddings.
    3) When you are making a show and loading files once one frame is loaded on the Laser how to avoid the minimum blinking of the laser so that the show loads well.
    4) What's the best way to do tracing , is the idea to have the minimum no of points in a frame so that when the other frame loads the blinking should be the least.

    5) Is there any other tool where i can convert the images to a ILDA format. i did like the trace it tool of LD2000 how ever when i used the mouse to draw it it was pathetic and my scanners went mad, the funniest part was when the show started i was more like a raster show rather than images.

    6) whats the best font that i should use so that the laser displays them the best( when i use any font it always has 2 lines not single)

    guys i need your help and im also attaching some of the frames i had made. please see and let me know my mistakes.

    thanks a lot in advance and if some one can share the e mail id . that would be very helpful.

    thanks again my seniors.. (Some time back you were also like me and looking for answers..... please help)
    my email id is
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