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Thread: ILSC 2015?

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    Default ILSC 2015?

    Surprised not seen anything here or on the Laserist FB page about it.

    Anyone get to go? It's a bit of a trek for us Europeans
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    I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain.

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    Patrick Murphy sent out an e-mail with a lot of details about the event and I believe a list of attendee's. I'm not certain anyone here that I know of went.

    A major topic of discussion was audience scanning safety and there are a couple of companies (James from LVR and Peter Blattner of the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), that have come up with some new developments and software for analyzing shows. METAS is looking for a company to actually license and commercialize their software and they're being invited to most likely Orlando to show it to a number of the safety people in ILDA. They're also being invited to the ILDA conference in Dubai to present.

    Z136.10 is a proposed ANSI standard for laser shows that was also discussed. There is also an IEC 60825-3 standard being heavily worked on this year which may be of interest to those of you in Europe.

    There is a proposal to also develop a standard for "Nominal Ocular Dazzle Distance" as it pertains to pilots similar to NOHD.

    Another discussion was concerning Laser Safety Officers and training. The Board actually has a test to become a "Certified LSO" which carries more weight that the standard ILDA given LSO course. It needs to work to be adapted for laser show use since many of us don't need to get all the medical/scientific training necessarily although, there was some back and forth on that too. Mainly because we encounter so many more variables and challenges that they just don't have in a scientific /medical setting.

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