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Thread: Flexmod red interlock light.

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    Laser Warning Flexmod red interlock light.

    I have a single regular green led connected to the Flexmod to test things out before attatching a 2,7W 445 LED laser to it. The thing is is that the led lights up for a moment when switching on the relay (spindle on) and then the red interlock light pops up and the green led shuts off. What could I be doing wrong? The Lab PSU I have is set to output 9V and is connected to a relay controlled by arduino pin 12. Here's a 5 second video to show what's going on
    Pin 11 goes to Arduino Uno and the gnt goes to the gnd on the Uno as well.

    Edit: I changed the flexmod to a new one and this time the red interlock light kind of pulses a bit. Also connected the laser( 445nm 2,7W) but no beam.

    Would it matter that there's a long thick copper wire running from the psu?

    Here are some pictures of the setup.

    This is how it's set up, but instead of the pictured driver I have the Flexmod P3 and the grblshield I have is Protoneer 3.0
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