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Thread: Laser Archeology: The Coherent Muses

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    Default Laser Archeology: The Coherent Muses

    Recent discoveries on the Greek Island of Desenex have shed light on the long-lost missing muses of the laser arts.

    Some Background: the original nine muses have inspired artists down the millennia, appearing in ghostly form over the artistsí shoulders, whispering ideas to receptive painters, poets, and playwrights. Here is the gallery of the classic muses:

    Muse - Domain
    Calliope - Epic poetry
    Clio - History
    Euterpe - Song
    Erato - Lyric poetry
    Melpomene - Tragedy
    Polyhymnia - Hymns
    Terpsichore - Dance
    Thalia - Comedy
    Urania - Astronomy

    To that list we may now add:
    Lumente - Epic Lasers
    Photonia - Small lasers

    Lumente and Photonia were daughters of Zeusís sisterís maid, Moirť. Abandoned at birth, they were discovered on the banks of the river Galvoe (near the Coheren Sea) by a wandering magic lanternist, and raised to do shadow plays against the walls of caves to entertain prisoners.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Above is one of the recent discoveries, reported by Prof. Jon Bobson of the Saint Wilford institute of Lumentics. An ancient laserista (or hoplight, as they were known) is shown prepping for a pre-orgy projection session. Hanging systems hadnít been developed yet, so hoplights had to do the tricky business of holding the projector with one hand while adjusting kinematics with the other.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Above is a fresco from the caves at Drier, Ionia, believed to depict Lumente preparing to align an early oil lamp-pumped projection system. Note the crude shutter. Such primitive devices were challenging to maintain, as they required 3Ý candle power and circulating retsina.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is one of the earliest known depictions of a laser pointer, found in the tomb of the unknown Rhoadie, in the town of Bener on Desenex. The beam was apparently in the region of 520nm, and based on some sort of olive oil dye, the technology for which has been lost. This is believed to depict Photonia offering up a pointer on a shield as a sacrifice to Byclops (just before he became Cyclops).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    In this tomb painting, found on the island of Yogi-Phideaux by Prof. Patrick Stonefree of the Internal Lapidary Department of Antiquities, Photonia is seen waving around a 1W blue laser wand while a slave cowers in fear. At her feet is a tray with the likeness of DTRa, a mythic supplier of wand supplies. With her right hand she is filling out a variance on a scroll of vellum.

    This has been my annual report on the latest in laser archeology.
    Tune in next year this time for more updates.

    Runs with Lasers

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    Epic !!! Just Epic !!! Timothy Leary was surly your twin brother !!! Such Peyote inspired Prose !!! You have indeed dipped deep into the "Quantum Well "
    =======> CDBEAM
    Beam Axiom #1 ~The Quantum well is DEEP ! Photons for ALL !!
    Beam Axiom #2 ~Yes...As a matter of fact...I DO wear tinfoil on my head !!
    Beam Axiom #3 ~Whe'n dout...Po ah Donk awn et !!
    Beam Axiom #4 ~A Chicken in every Pot, and a Laser Lumia in every Livingroom !!
    Beam Axiom #5 ~"Abstract Photonic Expressionism" "Abstractonimical" !!
    Beam Axiom #6 ~ "A Posse ad Essea" ~ From being possible to being actual the beam target !

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    " 15 characters"
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    that just made my year!!
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