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    Im new to all this but Im starting to collect/build components to start making interferometers and holograms and the like. making or buying the hardware isn't a problem for me but at this point I need better quality lasers then the cheap laser pointers I have been using. I am wondering if there are RGB laser modules that use DMX to control the component levels. I know there are RGB laser projectors that have a DMX interface but I am not presently interested in doing any DJ light show and making moving effects. I just want the components to share the same beam line. and as I own a DMX console it would be convenient to be able to control the relative intensities of the component levels and create a range of colors that I could program and cycle through at will. are there any such devices or should I get a projector and remove the parts that might interfere with my goals. Im a professional fabricator ( but i also do some lighting hence the dmx board) so Im good with hardware end of things, its electronics that I'm not very strong with.

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    ...........check this one out

    then read this impartial unbiased review from a pro--

    Terry was unknown to AixiZ before writing the nice review-I have one of these and really like it- I have sevearl projects I can use this RGB in and made them for easy removal - most impressive for this was the LUMIA I got from this VERY TINY RGB-I expected white LUMIA but was wrong- some/most glass acts like a diffraction grating and unmixes the colors nicely-
    AixiZ is in Houston and they have the best rep of any laser parts seller--

    I will be making a trip to AixiZ in the next few weeks if you want me to test one for you before sending-

    w/ an inventory of 10,000 items in stock its unreasonable to think AixiZ can test everything before shipping.

    however AixiZ is good about replacements--- I have run mine for hours w/no problems-

    be sure to mention both me & the forums when you order

    -an easy way is to full your cart THEN call Dr Chuck M-F 9am til noonish (Central time)at 1-713 *MIGHT* get offered free shipping--

    dont know of any RGB module that 'comes with' DMX controll-just in Projectors-
    with the Enntec DMX controller you can control any ILDA PJ using Pangolin soft..

    good luck w/ yr projects.............Len
    BEYOND-FB3/APC40Mamba Black(clone & currently on loan) 2X 5paghetti & 2 I-Show 2X KGB 1000mW 532 DT40K (pair)XFX 1300 RGB full color RGB 30K DIY 3.5WRGB work in progress et al..assorted ttl chi-jectors--LOTS of LUMIA DIY pjs-
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    I think he will need a RGB laser with analog modulation of each color, plus a DMX to analog converter to control it with his console. For holography and interferometers the beam quality (mode, divergence, coherence length, etc.) will be more important than for most entertainment applications. You may even consider an ion laser with PCAOM?

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    Like Photonbeam says, the lasers you'd want for holography are generally not the ones you'd choose for projectors. Key parameters are TEMoo mode, long coherence length, and long term power stability. Forget about air cooled ion lasers. Good discussions about multicolor holography can be found here:

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