I need 2 dichros; I'd prefer reflect green/ pass 632nm+ for one and reflect 405&445nm/ pass red/green for the other, but anything that does the job for RGB combining will do. I don't have a 632nm diode now so that is secondary. The other thing I need is a pair of galvos with a decent bit of life left; 20kpps is fine, maybe even 15k. I don't have to have a driver or mirrors, but then I would need the datasheet.

For trade, I have a 120mw 445nm OSRAM P450B diode in 18mm host w/ heatsink + brass/glass lens and adjustable 1A 20khzTTL driver (collective usage under 3 hours); and a couple clean 50mw 405nm Sony 3232VF diodes. I can also include standard 12mm Aixiz modules with broadband AR acrylic lenses for each 405, plus I have some other things of interest (mitsubishi reds, small heatsinks, high-amp components, LEDs etc).

I want these mostly for projects that carry risk (to the components), so value and usability is preferred to performance and brand-new. I'm a pretty new member here, so if you've got an established reputation here or history of posting and live in the continental states, you can ship after you receive my shipment/payment. Otherwise, we'll work out a method we're both satisfied with. I'm open to all offers/ideas.

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(module is sitting on heatsink, not in)