Hey Guys

I recently picked up a 25K scanner set on eBay, and I was looking at its wiring. It came with a DMX/ILDA card, but I've bought another card since the original is only a single color model and I have an RGB laser module on the way. I'm building a small (500mw RGB) projector just for kicks. DMX only at first but I plan on moving to Quickshow once my tax returns come in

The scanners do work, tough to say if any scan anomalies I'm seeing are because of the scanners or the DMX board being a little on the slow side. (pincushioning squares at extreme wide angles, etc...)

My question is, looking at the LP20 scan amps I have, they've got differential voltage inputs, and as I understand it the ILDA standard is a differential signal, but the wiring from the amps to the card is NOT differential. IE the cable harness is only connected to Negative and GND on the scan amps, and the show card is just a 3-pin X/Y/GND. I'm just curious as to what they're doing, IE is it a unipolar signal they're sending trying to "trick" the amps into thinking its a differential signal, or am I actually only getting half my supposed scan angle because there's nothing telling it to swing back the other way?

Only asking because the new card I ordered DOES have differential outputs, and seperate ones for both X and Y (NOT combined into one connector. 2 seperate 3 pin molex). I just want to be sure I don't hook something up incorrectly and blow the input stages on the amps.

Anyone have any ideas?