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    Just tried something kinda neat with pangolin. I keep my ld2k on a pc that I have sitting in the garage and needed to test something out inside. Instead of bringing the pc with monitor and keyboard in, I just brought the pc in. Powered it up and attached a network cable to run ld2k over the network, sorta like what the will do, minus the host pc. I loaded up LD on my laptop and everything worked great as usual. So i decided to load up a show and start the show. Had the sound playing on the laptop and the show running on the pc sitting in the corner with the projector. Then, I unplugged the network cable to the pc, and I was kinda surprised that the show continued uninterrupted on the pc next to the projector, while the audio stayed perfectly synced on my laptop! There was an error message on my laptop though that it had lost connection and needed to exit, but if I didn't press anything, the show continued flawlessly. Can't wait to try that with the board!


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    Yet another cool Pangolin feature!


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