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Thread: Moving Head Laser Projectors

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    Default Moving Head Laser Projectors

    This year were are starting to see that Class 4 lasers mounted on moving heads are becoming more popular with an increasing number of the professional suppliers offering devices for this application.

    What are people’s thoughts and opinions on these devices? (good or bad?)

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    I've always been curious how people actually can use them.
    With fixed projectors we spend a lot of time setting up safe zones.
    To suddenly throw all of that out of the window to the whims of DMX is at odds with all of the safety guidelines.

    I know there are some that claim to be eye safe, but we see an awful lot of them, and the respective copy cat versions out of China that simply throw laser projector innards into a MH case and job done...

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    I'm with Norty. No way I want to see Class 4's in moving heads. That simply makes no sense. I have a moving head laser but it's a Chauvet Grafexpress and has a 5mW green and scanners in it. I'm not too worried about that but, beyond that, I think I'd have to take a pass as well.

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