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Thread: Big Dipper 350mW F-01+ 110V Animation LASER *HELP*

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    Default Big Dipper 350mW F-01+ 110V Animation LASER *HELP*

    Hello I am new to LASER, but i Just purchased one of this Fixtures from Divine Lighting, at US$780.00 the fixture was supposed to work perfectly and give some colors like Orange, Sapphron and other but its not working, the device has 3 problems:

    1. The Laser is always ON after Plugged in Power. The beam comes outside the fixture (in case its supposed to be ON but laser light being directed inside the fixture for blackout effect) and always ON. Channel 1 doesnt active blackout or OFF mode. Other functions of channel 1 works well.

    2. The Strobe effect (channel 3) doesnt work for the same reason, the laser light is not directed inside the fixture for this effect, so it looks like the laser light is marking dots in the pattern made.

    3. The Color doesnt change, (channel 12) this function does not work, color do not change not even in sound mode or auto mode, so i have conclued that it has to had a laser direction problem or the mirrors are not working well or anything, I cant open the device this would ruin the warranty. Can anyone help me with this please?

    Le LuiO.

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    Hi LuiO

    I guess you are using DMX .... it may be worth while trying it with a different DMX controller to see if you have the same problems ..

    if you do i would get it exchanged for another unit ....

    Unfortunatly these units dont have a great reputation and all the one i have seen have ther own individual quirks ... each one has its own personality

    all the best .. Karl

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    Smile Thanks. Also?


    I will try to use it with another controller, but even in sound or auto mode it doesnt change colors, I am not using a terminator only DMX Controller to LASER but i dont know if this could cause the problem, The DMX cables i am using is the one the laser came with, it looks very cheap and unsafe, its about 3 feet lenght... There are many wariables that could cause a problem, but also it could be the laser, I guess i will have to work a little with it testing differents channels combinations to see how I get the laser working in those channels, (testing channel 11 and 12 on 20-20 and 40-40 I read some Big Dippers had this problems, but its really confusing).

    Also, One thing i dont understand is what doesn Blanking Output or Blanking Input switch in the BACK PANEL means for what is this used? it make any change? Maybe it doesnt in this laser or is not working, but what it is supposed to do?

    And Why does the Beam direction changes when I change from DMX to PC control? (this laser got a particular problem, its always ON after plugged in, the beam its supposed to go, to point, in direction to "the inside" of the fixture to avoid the always ON effect but the Beam comes out of the LASEr is mouth straight front, in one single Green BEAM mixed with some yellow and RED (the red is only seen when the laser BEAM hits the wall, or something, you can see a red dot very bright in the end).

    I am no planning in returning the Laser it takes lot of time and i have to pay for sending it, not worth it, I still could use it as an Always On greenyellow red dotting animation laser, if nothing can be solved in some days I will try to open the fixture (ruining warranty but necesary) and take some pictures to ask for guidance in fixing this problem.

    Thanks for the Info,


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