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Thread: Can anyone tell me what's wrong?

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    Default Can anyone tell me what's wrong?


    My projector is coming along nicely and everything seems to be working o.k.

    It all needs tidying up and putting in a box, but hey, it works

    Yesterday I loaded the ILDA test pattern. It pretty much shows everything o.k. BUT I appear to be getting a spiral instead of a circle in the middle. Apologies for being a bit of a numpty, but what does this mean and how can I cure it? I've had a quick fiddle in Mamba Black's settings but nothing seems to work which suggests it's more likely a scanner tuning issue. I was runnning the pattern with the software set at 30k. If the photo isn't clear enough just let me know and i'll try a different camera, these were taken with my mobile phone.

    Another weird thing.... In Mamba if I select Medialas USB box for the output everything appears to be fine. But if I use the default 'standard projector' option, the green laser appears to output a TEM01 beam instead of the usual TEM00 - Strange!

    I'm also curious as to why there are three different places within Mamba Black that require the projector type to be set. One is in 'Output options' another above the playback screen and yet another in the settings to the lower left of the screen under the timeline (working from a very poor memory here!).

    Anyway these issues are all suplementary to finding out why I have a spiral and not a circle. Any replies much appreciated.



    P.S. The other photo is attached because it looked pretty
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    A spiral in the middle almost always means you're going too fast. Slow it or reduce the scan angle immediately if you see that. Preferably just stop the scan and fix those other two things before restarting. WideMoves are forgiving enough of this, other scanners won't be, usually.

    In this case, the reason is different, but that other case is so important it had to be said, and said first. In this case, the 'spiral' is just the scan beginning the circle after forming the inner square. It looks ok, just not blanked during the transition between the last corner and the start of the circle's main arc on the right side where it touches the square's side. I can't remember what colours the other stuff should be but there will be clues to blanking errors there too. I think you'll need a short delay on the blue channel's blanking.
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