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Thread: This is why I don't want to spend too much on a quad!

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    Thumbs up This is why I don't want to spend too much on a quad!

    Saw this on Reddit today. Granted, it's got a happy ending, but it could have gone bad... So very bad! Guy is damned lucky (and pretty fast too, considering how far he had to sprint once he realized the battery was dying and the thing was set to auto-land).

    Standard link just in case:


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    Yup. Speaks volumes! A few nights ago out back of the hall I was flying the big hexacopter and lost it headed toward the highway in the wind. I thought it had cleared the building next door and had it coming down to land but, out of sight. I searched for a bit and then realized it hadn't cleared the roof! Fortunately after chasing around to the other side of the building, I still had enough battery to do a blind take off and get it clear of the roof and down. I had a couple minutes of thinking well..... there goes $130!

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    I always wonder if these guys have the presence of mind to chuck their cell phones before they dive in. Quad saved, mobile waterlogged.

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    If I was flying a lot over water I'd be tempted to fit a physical battery disconnector that could be thrown as a final option, removing all power from the electronics before the water ingress.
    Then, providing it is recovered and rinsed out and dried, everything (apart from maybe the Lipo) would be ok to go again. Waterproof GoPro housing FTW!
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    I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain.

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    Salt water incursion to surface mount electronics is nearly always fatal. You have about 15 minutes to strip it, flood it with fresh water with a corrosion inhibiter, and then flush it with a surfactant, then alcohol. Otherwise the salt forms conductive paths under the SMD parts and then corrodes them as it evaporates.

    I recovered a pair of expensive scanner amps from Hurricane Sandy for some one. Basically had to remelt every solder joint on the board, re-tin all the traces and replace most chips and all connectors, 10 turn potentiometers, and capacitors. To say the least, they are now backup units.

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    Looks like the quad was doing exactly what it was supposed to do -
    start a nice, soft automatic descent for landing prior to the minimum low-voltage cutoff.

    Setting - and paying attention to - the flight timers found on most mainstream RC transmitters goes a long way towards preventing such possible incidents...

    Good save on the part of the pilot!!

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    A lucky guy in many ways.

    And for the first few seconds of hearing the music in that video I was expecting the my You Tube video of a beam show I uploaded to Pangolin show space to the exact same remix of Orinoco Flow.
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