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Thread: FREE stuff for the smiles of laserists - Pittsburgh, PA

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    Default FREE stuff for the smiles of laserists - Pittsburgh, PA

    We are clearing out a warehouse today and trying to make space. Judging interest in ion bits/pieces and general production gear. The catch is we have the labor to gather it this weekend, and only this weekend.

    In this first round we are trying to eliminate the big stuff. In a followup round we'll try to separate the real treasure. But with a disclaimer: if someone shows up here with a truck and a load of passion, we are going to contribute a heck of a lot more than what is ready to go right now. I just want to see it go to a good home, preferably a hobbyist or student that is going to make something super awesome, and that it will somehow improve their life experience.

    General overview:

    - Road cases / flight cases. Lots of them. Usually long and skinny to hold ion systems, or cube rackmount cases with removable front/rear lids.
    - Above said cases, many loaded with 1980's to 1990's imagine engineering 'backplane' electronics. G120 amplifiers, ugc cards, power supplies, etc.
    - Ion systems in various state of repair. Unlikely any will fire due to years of storage. We are keeping only one tandem pair for our laser museum.
    - Aluminum projector housings. Various pieces from dozens of projectors that were stripped from optical tables. Some probably have variance stickers yet. Probably some complete housings in there with AOM style blanking.
    -Big vertical flight cases, rackmount style. 4' and 5' high
    -Yag medical laser (not laserscope), also unknown condition.
    -Boxes of unspeakable junk and or treasure.

    -Miles of cable, especially imagine engineering signal cable. Copper price only, or... if you are exceptional and awesome you can just take a bunch.

    Things we will sell for very low price:
    Chillers: HX75's, HX150s, big radiator passive system with fan
    171 with 2 spare exciters (that's three total)
    Many projectors. High power PCAOMs and drivers. 6800s with HP drivers. Pangolin QM2000's. Dell D-Docks and laptops.
    Distros, cabling
    Too much to list, but that will come in the future. If you have a specific need we can check.
    No we are not going out of business! Just need space for new equipment and new ideas.

    There is much more. Again, if someone blows our minds with their love and passion of lasers and we are convinced it will be put to a cool use, so much more will go.

    The only catch is it all has to be gone this weekend. If there is no PL interest, don't worry -- we won't throw it out. We'll put the flight cases and 'normal' stuff on craigstlist for free and deal with lasers at another time.

    Have a truck and in range? Get in touch. Email: info at for fastest reply.


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    email sent from monkeyhands..
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    Humm.... Pittsburgh is a only a 5 hour drive. The issue is squeezing it into the weekend.

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    It's only 829 miles for me, if I wasn't working the weekend I'd be on my way! Let me know if you happen to have a pcaom driver laying around! I don't need the aotf, just the driver.

    Thanks for posting this here, I hope it all goes to a good home!

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    Mixedgas rented the van.

    I'm two hours out from PGH, leaving for afternoon arrival.

    DZ contact me via PM with Cell info, I'm already snagging one driver for someone.

    Brad, same deal, PM me with contact info if I need to pick up something for you.

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    The pile is growing. More coming out this morning:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm in route to come snag what I can.


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    Hey George -

    Quote Originally Posted by lightwave View Post
    The pile is growing.
    a) Doesn't look like I see-such in the pile, there, but... By any chance do you have a Sabre Head / dual HEx / PSU case any more, or those long-gone? Have a Client that would benefit from such..

    b) Looks like I spy a pair of Cohr Purelight PSUs in the pile, there? They work? Lemme know, Thx

    ....and armed only with his trusty 21 Zorgawatt KTiOPO4...

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    Oh boy - this old school laser stuff really takes me back, especially the 171's, G120's and IEC electronics. Thank god I'm out of range here in Ticoland. Wish I had a pair of 6800's with amps though. Good luck you guys - have fun!

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    Aaaiieeee! Y'all are around 4 hours away; that's doable.

    PM incoming.

    Thanks much!

    Runs with Lasers

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