I have a MG 58-GESR309 projector with M9024 (24k Medialas) scanners. I bought it off a guy on here a couple years back and when it arrived all bolted down to a sheet of plywood, I decided I would deal with it later… well later never came and I just pulled it out of storage and figured that some laserist here would probably love to get an American made DPSS laser, which is also a good thing about this projector, even though it isn't the prettiest build, the fact that it is a Melles Griot, it's legal for use as long as you are. I figure that I would let it go with the old school program of Full Auto USB w/ Dongle to go with it's vintage nature. I actually have 2 more of the lasers/power supplies but there is a problem with at least one of the power supplies(probably both) but the heads were doing great power before the power supply tanked on me…

Anyways, I was thinking somewhere in the $2k range for the laser/projector/dac. Make me an offer on separate heads and power supplies.

I will email pics to interested parties.

Also, Have a Mobolazer ML-10 with the argon attached. I bought this off a guy here from the East Coast out of a bowling alley, who swore that it worked, paid a pretty penny for it, and the guy shipped it in a box with packing peanuts. Needless to say, it arrived with a dead Argon, and on the shelf it has sat ever since. So it's up for sale as well. It comes with 2 scan heads, and 8 apertures, also has a DMX controller. Make me an offer.