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Thread: JK 704 laser advice needed.

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    Default JK 704 laser advice needed.

    Looking for a little advice on what to do with a yag laser I purchased at auction. It's a 2006 JK 704ld, that was laser drilling turbine blades at a local aerospace manufacture before being decommissioned due to power supply problems. I purchased this with the intention of using it as metal cutting laser, however it's a pulsed lamp laser so not the best for cutting. Max pulse frequency is 500Hz, @ 600 watts average power. The laser head looks to be in good condition, however the power supply is missing quite a few parts. My question is, before I spend any money on getting the pulsed power supply running, would it be a better route to convert this over to arc lamps? Is this type of conversion possible? I think at around 3% efficiency I would need to have around 17-18KW lamp power.


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