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Thread: .ild files displaying at roughly 1pps

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    Default .ild files displaying at roughly 1pps

    Hi, I just purchased a very generic laser projector at Goodwill for $13, and I am very new to this. I figured out how to properly align the lasers, and how to load .ild files onto a FAT32 SD card with a .prg file. When I put the card in the projector, it appears to read the file, but only displays at about one point per second.
    The projector is very basic, and nowhere near professional, but will be fun for assemblies at the school where I teach. A link to the product is here:
    The .pdf where I learned about txt to prg and such is here:
    I figured out that my projector is only 10k, so I substituted the 30 for a 10 in the kpps line.
    I would appreciate any help you can offer. The file I was trying to load is the NASA logo file from the ILDA Swap site on this forum.
    Many thanks,

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    Just kidding..

    You know, that laser was one I had looked into for some time through various sites, retailing for about $250 or so... 10k scanners are quite horrid, mine had a 20k scanner before i retrofitted it with a 40k set... One funny thing about the manual that struck me as funny:

    "This is not a standard “DJ” light that can bounce around in the back
    of a van for years and work just fine."

    'Cause I'm sure with more professional lasers, you can bounce them around in the back of a van for years unprotected and they work just fine...

    Since you have SD card capability, grab yourself a copy of bmp2ild (search this forum) and try to create images that are under 800 points total... Try setting the pixel to point ratio around 8 or 9 to start with, since lower numbers will create tighter points per line and give you very high point counts... I HIGHLY recommend you do not perform auto scan and track since this gives such unrealistic point counts that not even 40k scanners can handle...

    I'm amazed that this laser machine went for $13!! Even more surprised to see it pop up in a goodwill store... It's probably worth at least $13 but I dare say nowhere near the $250 it sells for... If you want a decent laser for inexpensive price, try Goldenstar (although recently some of the more basic models Goldenstar carries have gone up a bit in price, but so has the quality)...

    Still enjoy the hell outta my goldenstar...

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