I've decided I need to part with one or two of my lasers to make way for new ones. The first to go is my Coherent C415M-300; this system, prior to me acquiring it, was used in an optical manufacturing lab as an alignment reference and was always run with the power turned well down; it comes with the correct Coherent controller unit, the control unit to laser head cable and a Coherent autostart adapter. The runtime on the head, deduced by using Karol Luszcz's determination of the IR data from the head, appears to be just over 6800 hours - but bear in mind this was done at much reduced power. The power has been measured, with the power control pot in the autostart module turned up, as just under 300mW; I have made no attempt to adjust the power control pot within the head; based upon Sam's comments about the Pout monitor beamsplitter in these heads, I suspect this will be capable of rated power, should you need it, with a slight adjustment on the pot in the head.
The head was manufactured in 2000 and is currently fitted in an OEM mounting base complete with heatsinks.
If I get the asking price, I'll supply it with a suitable switching 24V supply good for 100 - 250V input.
I'm asking 1200 (UK pounds) shipped.