I had a thought and wondered if any one has done this or has any ideas.

What i was thinking is an led indicator that would come on when you are at full power for the said diode, the idea i had was to use a low value shunt and eaither using an op-amp with a comparator to light an led that could be on the head or close to but not integrated into the said driver, The thought train would be able to have some universal drivers that don't need an analog controll, like on a line generator or something simple and have a few controllers that can be used and set up with out an external meter after the said circuit is set up for the diode in use.
Feasible? or am i asking for problems?

I will soon have hopefully a blue 1.6 watt in a fan cooled case but i wont need anything close to full power yet, in the future yes but not at this point.