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    I am working on a project and want to ensure I am being safe. My application requires 3mW IR (780nm) lasers. The lasers are pulsed for 1/10th second, every minute or so. The lasers will be shot at a white projection screen. I have physical means in place to ensure the lasers are only ever shot at the screen. What I don't have control over is reflections. At distance, the dots of my lasers are larger than someones pupil.

    From all I have read my lasers are in class 3r. Is that a safe laser for this application? My plan is to turn down the power (using pots and resistors) as far as possible so the dot is just barley visible to the camera. Additionally I plan on adding a visible light along side the laser so if someone does manage to look in the apature, they will blink.

    Is there a device to prove the power coming out of my laser?

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    What i use for low power lasers is a meter branded by sper scientific, pocket laser power meter 840011. the down side is it is not liner but on the inside door is a curve with a correction. I don't know know if others use them as they can not handle above 40mw, they are about 200 bucks on fleabay Thermophile laser meters i don't trust at low power levels but i could be wrong

    There are a number of companies that sell safety glasses for that wavelength. I don't think specular reflection is a hazard at 3mw, but from a reflective surface i would not be comfortable with. When in doubt always wear glasses.
    my biggest fear with IR is you can be dead on to the aperture and not know it
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