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    Hey guys

    This is old crap (as compared to the new stuff) but I need to get a set of mirrors for my g120's.
    I seemed to have lost the set I had stashed away.
    Mine are so old they look like WWII surplus and dont pass the light like they used to.

    I have mirror material here to work with but Ive tried to cut these and they just come out terribly.
    too small..and the glass gets everywhere, Including places where you wouldnt think but does.

    I have the larger ones but prefer the smaller.

    Anyway, Im looking for something like 6mm by 10mm and a 6mm by 6mm.
    I guess thats standard, Its whats there now...
    Preferably with their mounts as these were homemade and Ive always thought they were cheezy and unbalanced.

    I can trade or PP.. or whatever.. maybe someday I'll ditch these when somebody makes me a good offer.

    I still want a set of DT40's ..

    edit: Looks like I got my wish..Dt40's on the way..Thanks Cruch
    I still want to fix up these old relics for the old setup and give them to Maxy..
    She has worked very hard for me and who else to enjoy them.
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