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Thread: Dream: Temporal Transmitter/Reciever '2 stage HeNe with Neutron Chamber

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    Default Dream: Temporal Transmitter/Reciever '2 stage HeNe with Neutron Chamber

    Had a strange dream last night. Strange flying machines and I had some kind of two staged glass HeNe tube that was a temporal transmitter/reciever. It had a book that went with it that explained how it operated. It was very fragile and had a regular looking HeNe glass tube on one end then some kind of neutron chamber on the other end. I drew a picture of what it looked like. I know it's crazy sounding, but I wanted to post since it seemed like a really cool concept. A search online turned up a theoretical physicist by the name of Ronald Mallett who has been working on an experiment with an idea like this with a ring laser. Apparently the laser would have to be orperating stably for years in order to receive communications from the future.

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    That happened to me the last time I ate too much Pizza.
    Phil Bergeron( AKA 142laser)

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    Oh my god, we're doomed.

    If that "professor" sees this press release and he has any class he will demand it be retracted. Otherwise, he comes across as a moron. I hate it when we're asked to consider the ramifications of killing our grand whatever. These questions of causality and relativity and extremely subtle and deciphering these principals are not covered by Michel J. Fox.

    I like your "dream module" by the way.

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