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Thread: Best 5mw green laser WITH IR filter?

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    Default Best 5mw green laser WITH IR filter?

    I've researched this for a while and I've decided all I need is a 5 mw green laser for night activities. I'm going for safety and not excess.

    However, finding a vendor that sells ACTUAL 5mw lasers and not something grossly overpowered is not easy. A lot of vendors say their laser is 5W but in reality is much more powerful. Not to mention, their total lack of IR filters.

    What reputable dealer should I go to?

    Thank you for reading!

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    Isn't anyone selling a low power 520nm diode? Then no worries of IR...

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    32 Bucks on the 50mw green 520 , and not in a pointer format,

    We need for info on the laser in question, the cheap laser pointers marked as "laser 301" or 302 on ebay for about 7 bucks that have the tail cap switch. IMHO they don't have an ir filter but don't put out loads of ir like some of my other lasers do, my guess to why is the inner optic is far back into the housing and does not spill a lot of ir of axis , but that said i do install a ir filter glass from flea bay or a older microsoft 720p life cam web cam, they are now cheap and it's internal ir filter is easy to take off, i can get them off with out busting the camera or the glass filter and then stick it on the outside aperture, it can be put inside but it's a bit harder todo, you need to carfully apply a little toluene to the top threads of the focal-able head and installed behind the front hole, I can show you pics if you need, one word of caution , most are over 5 milliwatts , all four of mine had diffrent levels, some 15mw, most 20mw and a few that are higher. now older pen style greenies usually have a filter inside

    the one linked does not have a filter and are not for kids or playing with pets, annoying bugs and removing black heads that do ok at (not joking on the black head zit, i had one for a few years my doctor could not easily fix, my theory was as follows, the back part would absorb the laser energy,warm it up and make it easer for the body to get rid off and it work, not one of the most intelligent things i have done but it did work , mentioning that so people careful with them.

    The ir filters are cheap to get as well
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