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Thread: Laser scanning with no moving parts 10,000 times faster than galvos?

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    Default Laser scanning with no moving parts 10,000 times faster than galvos?

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    Firstly, I absolutely hate it when a writer uses the term "warfighter". I bet they also use ISIL. And... diversity, gasp. Anyway, This is a good idea and it should work although it will be highly monochromatic.

    I'll bet it works like an array of phase delay pixel's. The computer determines the delay necessary at each point so that for a given angular deflection the interference is constructive. The pixels could be a photonic crystal where an engineered compound like lithium niobate is placed in an intense electrical field and a pattern of alternating, or "poled" crystal orientation is generated and fixed.. These crystals will then introduce a phase delay in a propagating light beam that can be modulated by another electrical field. Liquid crystals can do this as well, but they tend to be slow.

    I suspect that there might be "wings" and high order spurious light in addition to the primary beam. The larger the chip the better.

    I really like this and hope that if they are looking for partners, that they don't limit this to the military.

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    Here's the corresponding research paper:

    Thermo-optic phase shifters, not liquid crystals, but yeah, other than that, you're right.

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