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Thread: LM25037-Laser modulation application

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    Default LM25037-Laser modulation application

    I want to drive a laser with a high frequency, current-mode PWM controller with programmable duty cycle.

    The input current of the laser needs to be switched between 25mA (2ms) and 35mA (3ms) (correspong to low and high respectively).
    Is it possible to achieve this from LM25037, if not is there any other suitable option?
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    PWM controllers with laser diodes must be checked for un-healthly circuit startup conditions and overvoltage spikes when switching current thru the inductor. Laser diode is far more sensitive to overvoltage / overcurrent then LEDs.

    As to whether LM25037 is suitable, the only way to find out is to try it.

    I strongly suggest you install a Lasorb across your laser diode.
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