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Thread: Increase beam size & divergence at the same time

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    Default Increase beam size & divergence at the same time

    Okay - so physics says if you shrink the beam size, you conversley increase the divergence.

    What we want to do, is to increase the beam size, but ALSO increase the divergence. It is for beam matching in an RGB application.

    What sort of optics/lenses would we need to do this, in an adjustable fashion so we can tweak it...
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    I think adjusting the distance between the two lenses required for an expander/reducer would be enough to do that. Probably needs very fine control though.

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    I was thinking the same thing... Like a collimator. Fix the first lens in place and then mount the second lens on a linear stage. Adjust the second lens so that it's slightly further than twice the focal length away from the first lens. (This assumes both lenses have the same focal length.)

    But it might be better to use slightly mis-matched lenses and move the second lense a tad further away from the center point...

    Either way though, I think you're going to need a linear stage (or a threaded lens holder with *really* fine pitch threads) in order to be able to tweak the alignment. (That, or else you'll need to use really long focal length lenses!)


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