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Thread: New Scanning Technology

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    Default New Scanning Technology

    you may have seen this before .... but it is quite interesting

    a new scanning technolgy with a high scan angle up to 180 degs at high frequency up to 16 Khz ( but not both at the same time )

    now the web site does make me suspect its one of those concept ideas like the $500 RGB laser TVs that we keep hearing about i think that this rusian guy is trying to sell the idea ( see the offer bit at the bottom of the page ) but there are some videos of it in operation but not very impressive ones either

    also there does not seem to be any signs of position feedback as each device is a 2 wire unit .....

    Tell me what you think ..... or does anyone here know anymore about it ?

    info here

    all the best ... Karl

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    You'll never get vector graphics out of a resonant scanner.

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