Just a few words about my transaction with Lloyd...

He was honest in every way- quick to reply to my messgs. and
did the best job packing I have ever seen- sparing no expense with UPS.

He did this even after I gave my opinion that, if well packed, the USPS
flat rate box would be much cheaper.... & prolly safe.

This 'standalone' Lab laser does NOT look like a DIY project- very well done and the extra active cooling(BIG fan & 2 more big heatsinks) will surely keep it runnning cool a long time.- In fact, it is so well done i have changed my mind about removing the extra heat sink and will use as-is shim up all others or make a place in the plate for it & use in in a two- level enclosure with a 2W 445- both analog.

The divergance looks awesome too--just as described.- By far better than my other ~ 1W 532s (5).

Thanks Lloyd