if you have a radio shack that is closing down and a lot are i just scored a ton of Li-ion cells for 90% off, i ended up with 10 2,000mAh 18650 cells , 8 700mAh 16340 (cr123 form factor) 4 750mAh 14500 (AA form factor) with chargers and 4 3500mAh 26650 batteries all at 90% off, well over 100 bucks worth of fun for less the about 30 or so bucks, all the cells have the protection pcb that can be pulled off if needed, i have a few flashlights that will run off of the 16340 just fine even though the forward voltage is a bit higher, I now have them in a old sound level meter, a solarc hid spot light and all kinds of other evil things in the works, I think now i can put a class 4 laser on a sharks head if some one has a shark to donate that wont mind (or try to eat me)
They have great deals on normal batteries, store fixtures and other things as well.

Kinda sad to see the store that had been in town for nearly 40 years now gone but now my friends call my hallway radio shack now