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Thread: For Sale: LambdaPro 250Mw+ 532nm

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    Default For Sale: LambdaPro 250Mw+ 532nm

    Hi all

    Some of you may recall me purchasing this from 'The Doctor' on this forum a couple of months ago. As it turns out i've never used it in my projector and it is now occupying space on my bench. I could do with some funds to be able to finish my projector project so unfortunately it has to go.

    I've had a word with the Doc., and he doesn't mind me using some of his original wording for the re-sale. I haven't used this for more than a couple of hours maximum since I bought it. It's a VERY stable laser with superb divergence specs, it's also incredibly bright! It has an IR filter and is TEC cooled.

    Here's the Doc's wording and specification...

    ************************************************** ******

    250mW 532nm Green DPSS Laser
    With Analog Modulation.

    About a thousand hours of use, but still above spec.
    In very good clean condition, fully working,
    in original box, with keys and cables.

    Output wavelength: 532nm. Very low infrared leakage.
    Output power: >250 mW. (With 5V analogue mod input).
    Mode: TEM00 CW (Continuous Wave).
    Cooling: TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooling)
    Blanking: Analog up to 10 KHz, fully variable.
    Safety Mechanisms: Key Switch. IR filter.
    Divergence: Less than 1.5 milliradians.
    Beam diameter: Less than 3mm.
    Warm up time: Less than 5 minutes to stable operation.
    Lifetime: More than 10000 Hours.
    Power supply input: Universal 110VAC or 220VAC.

    This laser ALWAYS has an IR filter installed (though no doubt you can remove it if you really want to), and was measured with 5V analog modulation input, showing 265 mW of 532 nm green light.

    These are REAL GREEN milliwatts. If the IR filter is removed from this laser, invisible radiation would overload that meter's 1 watt maximum limit. I'd never sell a DPSS green laser with that safety filter removed. The fan in the laser head is a bit weak, it sometimes takes a moment to settle and run properly. As the shipping for a minor repair would have been at my expense, even under guarantee, I decided to live with it. It doesn't affect the operation in any way, it's irrelevant if the laser head is mounted as intended on a solid metal plate. I tested the laser's output with the case temperature changing between 15 and 38 degrees C. Output was unconditionally stable at greater than 250 mW throughout, and did not flicker or mode-hop.

    ************************************************** *****

    So there you have it. I haven't really noticed the fan being slow and I don't see this as a problem at all. If you have any further questions i'll do my best to answer them but i'm no expert. Perhaps the Doc will help me out with any technical issues

    I paid 250 for this laser and would be happy to accept the same amount plus postage. If you don't feel able to offer the full asking price please PM me with your best offer. If it doesn't get any interest here I MAY put it on Ebay, or there again I may just keep it and save up for a bit longer in order to finish my projector.


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    Laser now sold. Thanks to all who enquired.



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