yesterday i was listening to music or some form of audio some might call music and then nothing, no audio, my system has 3 amps so i start trying to fishure out whats wrong, main power amp for stereo is fine, the wired like a x-mass tree old onkyo m-504 working fine and i notice on the head unit that the display shows no active channels, wont output the test tones and responds wrong to the calibration mic when i plug it in, I bought the unit in 2011 for nearly 700 bucks so i am not happy, i Google the problem and find out there is a recall on a number of these AVR's due to a failed hdmi board/decoder issued in 2012 i think. check all my parts sources and no one has an hdmi and i lack a Chip Dragon so i cant replace the failed decoder because it's a ball grid array so i called onkyo and expect them to tell me "politely" where to stick my older unit but to my surprise the recall is in effect until 2018 so they are sending me a box and prepaid shipping, I wish they would just send me the board and install my self, but i never was authorized by onkyo, so a sad day for the dragon, no tunes except from the computers system. Since i use an off board amp for the grunt work i never expected this type of failure

I thought this might be a use full post because i know others have home theature and may use similar or better equipment, if i get the same unit back i am gluing a heat sink to hdmi/dts decoder device

The fault is no audio, no speaker channels light on display and no audio pass though on hdmi but some may pass audio mine did not