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Thread: 100 KW Diode pumped YAG article in LFW

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    Cool 100 KW Diode pumped YAG article in LFW

    Checkout this interesting article in the May edition of Laser Focus World. It talks about military development of 100 KW diode pumped solid state ND-YAG lasers for portable battlefield use.Coming to a test site in 2008.
    See " "

    You don't want to catch the strayest reflection from one of those Lasers.

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    Wow talk about a green monster......I bet the crystal set for that would cost a small country. Marconi could make analog circuit to blank it......Ok enough dreaming. It should at least pump up diode production and more efficient crystal developments. It would be nice to have a 2 or 3 watt 532nm unit.
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    Well... a 532nm diode is in research, and apparently they are close to breaking the riddle. I hope... If this does happen, then we'd be seeing some very nice green diodes very quickly. Notice how the 405nm diodes took off rather quickly, now you can get about 200mW+ of power. Not bad for being a new technology and all...


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    wow,so cool.I can't wait to see it

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