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Thread: laser engraving a figurine?

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    Default laser engraving a figurine?

    Lately I had this idea in my mind but I don't know if it's possible to make. Can laser engraving be done inside a glass statue/figurine, such as this? Or maybe do the engraving inside a typical cubical shape, then cnc mill that cube into shape? My 3d modelling skills have gotten a bit better. I'm thinking of having the bottom of the sculpture flat and adding an LED there.
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    As a general rule, engravers need a fixed distance between the lens and the object being engraved. They use a rotisserie mount to engrave glassware. There is some "play" in the distance, but not much.

    You might be able to use such a rotisserie mount to engrave something along the side of the cheetah's body, provided the curvature didn't vary too much. Probably the only way to know is to buy one and have an engraver give it a shot.


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