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Thread: fiber optic laser figurine?

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    Default fiber optic laser figurine?

    Inspired by these kind of figurines:

    I thought about making one from optical fibers and Arduino controlled light animations.
    Someone then mention EL wires,

    Both seem good. But then I found optical fibers powered by lasers which seem brighter, unless the camera settings were way off:

    What will you guys suggest to use for best brightness?
    I've heard about fiber optic lasers before, but from what I understood the reflectors in those cables are very good and meant to transfer the light efficiently, not cause the whole wire to lit up. Or do I have the wrong idea?
    i don't think I'll need correction optics if the laser light doesn't come out but ends up in a light absorber in the end of the wire. Is this right?
    How can I connect the fiber to the front of the diode? For LED powered ones I think they just use heatshrink to position one tip of the fiber wires to the led, I don't know how efficient it is. For laser didoes I imagine there are better and safer ways.

    Also an unrelated question, what would you suggest to use for stiffening the optical fibers or EL wires?
    I'm thinking of some transparent tube that can be deformed as you wish but hardens after being exposed to heat, UV light, or something. Or maybe some translucent gel that needs time to harden and wont give a rough. bumpy texture.

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    Sideglow plastic fiber has been in use for 20 years with lasers. The newer Corning fiber is spectaular, but very expensive.
    You can get it from:

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