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Thread: Lasos Nova50 Green Single frequency OEM Lasers

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    Default Lasos Nova50 Green Single frequency OEM Lasers

    For people doing holography and needing LONG coherence length or for scientific experiments requireing low noise the Lasos Nova50 green 50 mW 532 nm lasers are excellent. They have TEM 00 output and stable output (typically 1% power fluctuations) and a 5 MHz linewidth specification. We are offering used tested lasers that meet spec power for $750 with free shipping to the USA. If you would prefer a laser ready to use with no wiring we can add a power supply and enclose thre controller in a new box and sell the system ready to use at $1K. These lasers are over $12K new. Best wishes, Phil and Sam

    PS A few near spec systems outputting 45-48 mW are available at $600 shipped!

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    Phil Bergeron( AKA 142laser)

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