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Thread: ~20 Watt RGB "Feeler"

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    Default ~20 Watt RGB "Feeler"

    Before I get into details I just wanted to post and see if there is any interest from anyone here in a "higher end" ~20W system. Everyone seems to be into the Chinese stuff and expect to get alot for little. There is nothing wrong with that, but I have a system that I am looking to sell but not sure if this may be the place to advertise it. Especially with the influx of Chi-jectors.

    5W/637 KVANT
    8W/532 CNI
    8W/445 KVANT

    Yes I have pictures and a price in mind. But again, just trying to see what the concensus may be on a "higher end" system. This is not a "shoebox" sized Laser either.

    Any feedback, questions or comments?


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    That would be awesome, Marc. But based on nothing more than the lasers you plan to put inside it, I can tell that the price will be well into the 5 figure range. There's just no way I can justify that kind of coin on a laser purchase, no matter how nice the projector would be. Sorry...


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