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    the pics never came out but my first class 4 laser was a C02 that was almost 7 feet long not including the power supply thats about half the size of a dumpster, but if i found out the school was going to get rid of it, i would make room even if i had to sleep under it, to my knowledge in 10 years i was the only one to operate it but i know the school still has it and the rubber mallet to whack the vacuum pump to start it up lol, it was a 120 watt.

    thats the program the currently owns the laser i want with a passion oddly in 1994 i was the only creature allowed to operate it and as i know laser safety now, lets just say safety was 3rd , the beam path was fully inclosed but no ir protection at the aperture so reflected light would had been a problem, i repaired a fault i accidentally created in the high voltage supply but my the grace of god and not being grounded i revived the beast to melt my plexie glass
    I did kinda feel special to be the only one around the thing, although my instructor was rather unhappy when i forgot to shut the gas supply off one time, forgot to shut the helium off. i think that acted as a protection for the optics as this was totally open loop system, i wonder if they finaly cleaned the drool off the floor when i got the chance to open the side housing on the laser head, i swear it was about 7 feet long and was u in shape, it sat on a frame made from i beams set on wheels, the power supply was a second console on its own set of wheels and cabling and gas hoses to the head, Some parts where vauum tube so while that was warming up i would whack the vacuum pump to start and go from there

    sadly i find the scorbots they used being over 20 years old are still a few grand to get one, we used the crap ibm ps2 computers to controll them i so hope they have updated computers, they could barely run the original wolfinsitien 3d games
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