I did some testing last night, and found out that Beyond and Spaghetti could be used at the same time. Hooked up the APC40 and pushed some buttons togheter with the running Spaghetti Show. This - for me - brings the Spaghetti show up to a whole new level, as I am able to put some "spice" by adding some abstracts or graphics to the show in sync with the music.

The setup is a Lenovo W520 - Win 8.1
Spaghetti Using Riya Lite
Beyond using FB3

Hooking things up to the computer in the right order is important. Starting Beyond with the FB3 - APC40, and then hooking up the Riya Lite. (If having the Riya plugged into the PC at startup of Beyond - It refuses to start.) Then start up Spaghetti.

The W520 has some power, but running shows from both at the same time, gives Beyond some brathingissues. Music starts to slow down and get get out of sync. Spaghetti runs without any issues.

I dont know if this is of any value to anyone, but for me it was a nice "find".