I just got back from the flea market, I scored 2 HeNe's a 20X DVD burner, and an insainly over sized SCR for my can crusher project.

The HeNe's are one 10mW Uniphase Tube made two weeks ago and never used, and a mystery tube with external mirrors and double Brewster's windows. That tube also has a strange connector and umbilical.

The DVD burner had a 5.6mm diode in it that I have installed into a AixiZ module and in turn into a Altoids Can.

The SCR is HUGE!!! It is mounted on a 4x4x6" extruded copper hearsink. The Anode is a 0 gauge oxygen free copper wire, and the cathode is a 1" bolt. It is rated to 80kA at 5.1kV. I will be using it for my can crusher project.

For $55 it was a good day! Pics soon!