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Thread: last minute selem sale

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    OK guys So I had yet another job fall through so I'm selling a few things to raise some cash for selem.

    10 50mW 445nm diodes $30 each Free shipping.
    These are the NDB7242E 445nm Junktronix was selling a wile back.

    Suwtech 532nm 200mW (210mW average) green laser $200
    (refurbished and replaced filter by me.)

    Suwtech 532nm 100mW (110mW stable) green laser $150
    (this unit is more stable and has no repairs.)

    Both units have been re tuned for temperature stability.

    1LSR-PS-NI Lasever driver $60.

    4 drivers
    They retail on Meredith Instruments for $50

    I'm asking $20
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    405nm violet(blue-ray) laser-eBay I fixed it ya
    473nm 10mW LSR473NL series blue laser module review
    488nm 5mW Novalux Protera DPSS Laboratory Unit
    532nm 5mW green laser
    650nm 5mW red

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