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Thread: Removing a HeNe Tube from a field enclosure?

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    Default Removing a HeNe Tube from a field enclosure?

    I recently came across this old school HeNe laser. The tube was made by Spectra-Physics but I have no idea of power requirements because I can't get the tube out of the this enclosure. Any ideas? It's precision fit milled aluminum. I have removed all the pieces in the rear and freed up everything in the middle. I have also gently pushed and pulled from both ends with no luck. All that is holding it in is the output end. I'm dying to get it out and build a power supply to fire it up. Has anyone ever run across this type of housing or fitting? Thanks!

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    It's doubtful you're going to get it out of there without damaging something. I'd wager that it is held in with silicone. If you can see both, the output coupler and the high reflector, you should be able to determine the tube length. Once you know that, the power supply shouldn't be too big a mystery. HeNe's don't need precise voltage/current. You just don't want to feed it too much because your output will be lower and the tube lifespan will be shorter. Judging by the length you show, I would guess about 1800~2300VDC @ 5.5mA
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    Quote Originally Posted by absolom7691 View Post
    I would guess about 1800~2300VDC @ 5.5mA
    That tube is only 14 inches long. It will probably run just fine on 1500 volts at 4.5 ma. 1800VDC would be OK too, but 2300 is overkill.


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