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Thread: Physical masking and diverging lens mount?

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    Default Physical masking and diverging lens mount?

    Hey guys

    So I've been using both physical masking (movable metal plate on front of projector and/or black foil tape) OR the Pangolin safe scan diverging lens mounts for their respective purposes.

    1. It's a bit of a pain as they don't share the same mounting dimensions. I need to remove and re-apply the Pangolin mounts (they're stuck on) each time.
    2. I can't combine masking AND lenses (eg, to perform audience scanning "low down", a higher power beamshow "above" and masking balcony areas or the sides of the performance area).

    So is there any ready made solution to this?
    I was thinking of an assembly that can be permanently attached to the front of the projector with internal mountings for the Pangolin mount (which itself is adjustable) and then some kind of multi-element movable masking "thing" on the front.
    Imagine "barn doors" if you want a basic idea of what I'm thinking about.

    Alternatively, has anyone else came up with a sensible solution to this issue?

    Ideally I want something that isn't too bulky, remains on the projector and allows me to add/remove the diverging lens as needed without excessive effort.

    The idea is that I can set up more quickly. Roll in, mount, add/remove lens, set masking and then get on with zone setup.



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    WRB II mentioned something about possibly providing CAD files at SELEM last year. Perhaps you should ask Bill Benner?
    I'm not sure what become of it, but it was mentioned in a short group discussion.

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    I use the Pangolin mount but did away with the stuck on threaded rod and drilled and tapped 3.5mm holes in the projector front for thumb screws.
    Now I can just undo 2 screws to remove the mount and replace with the original metal cover.

    The lens sits a little way off the output window so you can mask with Blacktak behind the lens anyway, even with the mount in place.
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