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    Default MPE Levels

    First of all I know what the acronym stands for, but I assume I am not alone when it comes to the complexities of calculating MPE. Could someone give a fairly laments termed rundown of the process? I am a physics fanatic, but when it comes to some more advanced stuff I am a bit rough (its been a few years since my last formal class).

    Also when it comes to diffraction gratings and such, how can one calculate the MPE? or is it more of a rule that diffraction gratings should never be directed towards the audience. Please keep in mind that I know any type of audience scanning is illegal in the US, however, I am merely wondering for the sake of my own knowledge.


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    Pangolin has a lot of good information on their site
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    Laymen's terms ?

    Okay here we go.

    Maximum Permissible Exposure, is the maximum amount of light that can enter the pupil of a human eye over a period of time that is considered safe....

    Check the pangolin site for more info. Bill Benner is a gun with this type of stuff.
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    There is softwares to calculate MPE, for example Scan Guard :

    There is a free version (Scanguard Lite) but I asked to download it a few times (the first time was 2 years ago) and they said me that they are just about to release the 2nd version of the soft, so all request for the 1st version are being
    kept aside...
    So I don't trust them any more for their free version.
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    Scanguard Standard has been due for release for over two years. It even won an ILDA award. I believe the problem was that James was unable to protect the software, and still hasn't come up with a solution. I bought a copy of Scanguard Standard over two years ago. I'm still waiting for it to be delivered !!! It's still not available to this day.

    Scanguard Pro , to my knowledge has been scrapped as unworkable. It was meant to monitor scanners in real time, but I beleive it wasn't a technically/commercially viable project. I also couldn't get a copy of Scangaurd Lite.

    I believe their are other mpe calculators avalable. Try a google,

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