I admit i broke a TEC i half trying to repair a laser of mine, and i cant seem to find a replacement TEC (or satisfaction ) the device is about 12mm square and about 1-2mm thick, a 15mm square device will fit just fine but i can't find one that runs at low voltage ".5 to about 3 volts"
I have a 15mm square by 3mm but it loads down the controller, i need one that runs on less power, it's intended to cool a 1 watt laser diode so i dont need it to cool my toad death ray idea just a simple dpss laser, all i can find are the power hungry types. I need one that's on a diet

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that is one i installed but it needs more current then the host controller can supply.

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That's a second operational laser i repaired but i dont know the maker otherwise i would contact them for a new TEC. i am hoping some one will recognize the device that way i wont need an external TEC controller to make it stable