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Thread: Laser for Roper Mountain Holiday Lights

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    Question Laser for Roper Mountain Holiday Lights


    I am a member of the group that puts on the Roper Mountain Holiday Lights charity event each year in Greenville, SC.
    (we run Thanksgiving through Dec 30th)

    We are looking to add a more sophisticated Laser display this year. Based on my research (which has been pretty minimal), it seems we need a 1-3W RGB laser with software that will allow us to program Holiday related images plus text messages. The distance between the laser and the "screen" (a large side wall of an amphitheater stage) will be about 150 feet. The laser will be located about 25 feet off the ground, and project a 10-15' image about 10' above the ground.

    Unfortunately none of us have any experience in this area, and I'm looking for help/advice.

    Even better would be someone who could provide some hands-on help. For example, bring out a laser so that the rest of the team could see how much power would be needed to have a sufficient impact.
    We do have a small budget for making display upgrades, but we try to give as large of a percentage of our proceeds to charity.

    I would appreciate any help you could give.

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    Hello All,

    I thought I'd post a link to our site to give you a better idea of our event:

    There is an image of the stage that we'd like to use as well:

    We would want to project images into the left &/or right walls from 25' tall towers that are located at a distance of about 125'-150'.
    The towers would project at right angles to the walls, and as you can see the walls are quite tall, and we could easily project images 10' above the ground.

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    PM Incoming……..

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