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Thread: One stop laser shop is back

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    Default One stop laser shop is back

    Here is the info Tom from Eyemagic was good enough to post below. May I suggest we all make an effort to send some work their way to show our appreciation for their service over the years.
    It is hard enough to get through a major health issue and just as hard to pick up the pieces and get it back together.

    To the rest of the good folks we do business with. I feel you and would do the same for you so at least in the short term look away. Plenty to go around and I promise we will all be back to everyone.

    See it in your heart to lend a hand and pick up a friend. Maybe I am wrong but I kind if see this as a community. We take care of our own. I think I need some first surface mirrors and dichros.....

    Hello everyone.

    We got news from Amanda. She said that she has gone through severe health issues, that came all together at once. The subject or her first email was ''back from the dead''....

    She is recovering and slowly returning back to business (she even gave us a nice order !). I told her about the PL discussion and she asked me to post her new address and let everyone know that she is trying to come back to normal.

    Her address is :

    Amanda Hopwood

    One Stop Laser Shop, Inc.
    2706 Woodmere Court
    Clearwater, FL 33761
    1-800-897-6404 Voice

    She responds to emails, a little slower than before though. The email is :

    All the best,

    Tom Kamaras

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    glad to hear they are back and all is well

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