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    Hey all,

    I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction please. I have no idea what I should be looking for and to save me a lot of grief and time need to start at this point.

    I'm developing Vision systems and software to measure side-on profiles of stuff running past a point on a conveyor. Mostly more or less circular ranging from 100mm to 500mm in diameter. As you may know, lighting is crucial and I'm tired of fine-tuning and mucking about setting things up. i.e. Too many false positives and/or inaccuracies in spite of an average 90%+ accuracy to date. I want it as spot-on as I can get.

    So, I was thinking (dangerous at the best of times!) to use a vertical laser beam. It's relatively easy to pickup off the image, and will provide for a clear (pristine?) edge to work from. The items stop for a few seconds which gives me more than enough time to process images and do my thing.

    Anyway, so if I now have a nice thin vertical beam (haven't tried any of this yet), I can clearly pickup the edges and do my thing.
    But, life happens, Murphy's at it, and the thing I want to measure doesn't always stop at precisely the right spot.
    A solution is to pick it up as it starts coming in, and take continuous readings up to where it stops (which I can easily do), but I have no way of telling it's at the measurement sweat-spot.
    So, I think, no worries, then I'll just scan across it from side to side. To do that I have to move the beam from side to side, which of course introduces a bunch of other (nightmarish) things that can go wrong (mechanics, stability, etc).

    So now I'm thinking that if a conical shaped beam exists, say 550mm wide, I have the whole shape nicely 'illuminated' and in my sights and can merrily go about my business - with a great profile line to pickup off of.
    I have about 2m to 3m 'play' to the measure edge in which to mount a box that holds the electronics.

    I'd be very grateful for any input.

    Thanks much in advance.
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