I have a green HeNe tube 13.5" long long for sale. It is working but I don't have a powerful enough Power Supply to keep it going. The asking price is $125 including UPS shipping. I need the money to fund a new hobbie. In addition I also have:

10mW Sealed Uniphase tube(unused)-$75
5.6mW Sealed Melles Griot Tube(Gently used)-$65
4.8mW Sealed Melles Griot Tube(Gently used)-$60
External Mirror Tube(condition Unknown)-$125
Luxeon K2's Green, Blue, White $4 each(min order of 10)

I have lots of other laser stuff, and all of the Luxeons models. I have an inside man!

If you are interested send me an email at downhillriderben@gmail.com