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    Hey everyone very glad to have found this site. It's been quite a read, I've been stalking around these forums for a few weeks now reading about anything and everything laser trying to learn all that I can and now I have a question for you all. I am looking to purchase my first "real" laser and I am on a very tight budget so I've been looking at the Goldenstar D-RGB-1000-A. Would this be a good start for a beginner like myself? And what do you think the customs fee would cost? ive heard some bad stories about that.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Members here are from all around the world, and there are different rules for importing lasers depending on where you are located. It would therefor be beneficial if you also fill in where you live in your profile.
    I`m not familiar with the exact model you are referring to, but Goldenstar laser have a good reputation among most members here at PL. Mimi is helpfull in any way. I have a couple of projectors from Goldenstar, and have to say that it is value for money. Worked more or less flawless the time i have been using them.

    The D-RGB-1000-A is the low end from Goldenstar, and with 20K galvos, uncorrected modules with different beam size and divergence, you will quite soon want to upgrade. The platform, (Casing) is very good, and suitable for upgrades as you have the money to do so. Asis the D-RGB-1000-A are only suitable for beamshows.

    Keep in mind that you also need software and a DAC to be able to control the projector. Those two items will probably cost more than the projector you are looking at. To do a beamshow, you will also need a device producing haze or smoke.

    And... read about laser safety before anything else.
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    Just keep your eyes on all the "Selling" threads and get stuff locally S/H from the members here!
    Your relationship with your bank manager is at stake so move very slowly at first !

    Also be careful of a few of the five hundred thousand details involved just as "Datsurb" has suggested,...if U can't visualize the entire setup in your mind,(I include plugs and sockets here), put off buying, and keep reading threads until you can!

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    Don't worry guys I'm not that much of a newbie lol, I know about audience scanning and the rules that apply and the only lasering I will be doing are beam shows. And exactly datsturb it's a good base to start with and right now that's all I need until I get more experienced with this, I will most definitely keep my eyes out on the sell buy thread as it is always good to buy "local" thank you both for the speedy replies! I am from vermont (U.S.) btw

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