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    Hi guys, I've been working on my new build, a RGB analog somewhere around 1 watt(probably 800 watt). After firing up the lasers and doing some quick alignment I'm finding that the red and blue have very strange profiles. Instead of dots they look like dashes and don't quit fit on the scanner mirrors. What I'd like to know is what is the easiest (and cheapest, sorry) way to correct this. All three lasers came from China with the drivers. I don't know much about beam characteristics so I need a little help with this. I have read about cylinder lens pairs, prisms and spacial filters but not sure what will work for me. Thanks for any and all help.

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    Your best bet is going to be watching some of the videos posted here by planters. Everything you ever wanted to know about beam correction is most likely in those videos and is very well explained. More so that what I could probably type here. Dashes are basically what you're going to get without correction since the shape of the emitter is a rectangle anyway. A picture of your output would be helpful if there is something more wrong that just getting it tightened up. Search for anything on youtube uploaded by: "Tech Ingredients" Here is one on spacial filtering and you can probably link to others right from this one:
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