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    I'm new member of this forum. Hello to everyone and I hope that you will find my listing interesting.
    I have following Pangolin hardware for sale:
    2x QM2000 Intro ... 485 Eur/per piece
    1x Qm2000 PRO ... 1800 Eur
    1x Qm2000 PRO + SMS IMU + VMU + 10 shows licenced to that card... 2.000 Eur
    2x QM.NET BOX....350 Eur/per piece
    2x Lasershow Performer console 350 Eur/per piece
    1x FB3SE + Differential daughterboard + DMX ... 300 Eur
    1x FB3SE + Differential daughterboard + DMX + external box ... 400 Eur

    All is 100% working as it should. I can send photos and additional info if necessary.
    Prices doesn't include VAT and Shipping.
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    Hi Hrvoje,

    I see you dropped prices a little. Getting closer on one of the Show Performers! Thanks for posting here. Can you also list the shows that are licensed to the pro QM please. Or, PM/email/IM me.

    PM Sent...

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